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2012年6月12日 星期二

電腦 Display Card Support 唔到玩Diablo 3(連解決方法)

由此工人姐姐下星期快到...屋企多左個人....工人訓覺會同Mancent 訓子母床{左上角第一張圖 D~E 中間]

[Reference : 國皇之家裝修-子母床]

由於部電腦係小朋友房部 , 拉左張床出黎,部 電腦desktop 夜晚部就玩唔到...


唯有要用部比較舊既Notebook 頂住先.....

不過張display card 又唔 support.唔到玩Diablo 3....而家仲未打爆

經過一輪既測試,呢個方法係work 架...不過resolution 就低D 800 x 600~

點都好, 都叫玩到啦~


1. Find  ""d3prefs.txt"." Use the search function in Windows.
Windows 7 default is C:\Users\*YOUR USERNAME*\Documents\Diablo III

2. Change the config
If you are unable to play Diablo III due to an "Unsupported graphics card error", I do have a work-around. 
But before you do anything, please understand that your GPU is unsupported for a reason. 
Usually this is because of the absolutely mediocre performance it will get even at lowest settings.
 Chances are your performance will be so bad that the game will simply not be playable. That being said, 
 there is really no harm in trying out this work-around. Just understand that this is not a *fix* but rather a *work-around* 
 and your performance will likely be awful no matter what. There is nothing Blizzard can do to *fix* this 
 because there is simply nothing for them to *fix*.
Inside the folder libraries/documents/diablo III there is a file named "d3prefs.txt". Open it.
 (There are other places it could be. For example, C:\Users\*YOUR USERNAME*\Documents\Diablo III ... just use Windows search to find d3prefs.txt )
- DisableTrilinearFiltering "1" (from 0 to 1)
- HardwareClass "1" (from 0 to 1)
Save the file and close it.
When you launch the game, you will still get the same “Unsupported graphics card” error that pops up. 

Press esc and the game will load.
4. If still have black scrren
update the config as below
DisplayModeWindowMode "1"
DisplayModeWinWidth "800"
DisplayModeWinHeight "600"
DisplayModeUIOptWidth "800"
DisplayModeUIOptHeight "600"
DisplayModeWidth "800"
DisplayModeHeight "600"

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