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2012年6月8日 星期五

工人工作程序表(Maid Time schedule)

朝7晚10點半...會唔會太長....中間有1.5 hrs 訓覺

The following working schedule is for reference only.
Time Work
7:00 AM Wake
Up - Prepare Breakfast
7:30 AM Collect
dried clothes, fold and put them into right place
8:00 AM Sweep and clean the floor  
8:30 AM Prepare
milk for Mancent ( 100ml hot water+ 100ml cold water/ 4 spoon milk powder)
9:00 AM Boil
fresh water, fill the cold and ice water
10:00 AM Teach
/ Learning/ Play with Mancent  [Don't
watch TV]
11:00 AM Buy
food to prepare for lunch and dinner at supermarket
11:30 AM Prepare
12:30 PM  
1:00 PM Feed
child/children lunch
2:00 PM Help the
child/children to take a bath
2:30 PM Mancent sleep /
Take Rest
4:00 PM Take Rest
5:30 PM Tidy up dining
rooms, baby’s & the master’s bed rooms
6:00 PM Prepare Dinner
7:30 PM Eat
8:30 PM Wash
dishes and tidy up kitchen
9:00 PM Prepare
to Bath
9:30 PM Wash
cloths using washing machine
10:00 PM Hang up clothes ,prepare
milk for Macnent 
10:30 PM Rest
for the day