Overall winner / Best for video: Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV

Price : $6600  (Sony DSC-RX100 "III" 都要HK$4,680...)
While still image quality remains largely unchanged compared to its predecessor, the Cyber-shot RX100 IV has added a brand new stacked sensor that allows for ultra-slow-motion video, internal 4K video recording, and high speed burst shooting. It includes a very detailed EVF, a pop-up bounce-able flash, a sharp bright lens, and excellent image stabilization, particularly in video. Combine all this with top-of-the-line (albeit rivaled by the LX100) continuous AF, with eye detection, and you'll have more in-focus shots than not of moving subjects, even during continuous bursts. Although the controls and menu system could use a refresh and it's best to have a spare battery for a long day of shooting, the RX100 IV is an incredibly versatile tool, and yet, it still fits in a pocket.
Want to save some money? If you can live without the 4K and high frame rate video, higher resolution EVF, and faster sensor of the RX100 IV, you can purchase the RX100 III for about $200 less.

Best for travel: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100/TZ100

The DMC-ZS100 is arguably the first enthusiast compact with a 1"-type sensor to offer a really good compromise between size and zoom range. It offers a 25-250mm equivalent focal length (that's 10X) in a well-built body that can fit in your pocket. The camera is highly customizable and its touchscreen permits quick focusing . It's an excellent performer, especially in terms of autofocus, and produces images that are easily better than your typical, small-sensored travel zoom. Its 4K video, as well as the various features derived from it, are also excellent. The large sensor means the ZS100 is more expensive than most travel zooms, but we think it's worth the extra money.